What are people saying about Ravyn’s Doll?

I find this treasure a must read for any family whose member has a chronic, invisible illness. Fibromyalgia is difficult to live with, but we often forget how it affects those around us. This children’s book means something to anyone who reads it. Even physicians can learn what it is like for the family. Who among us can resist the innocence of a child? Ravyn’s Doll gives an honest account of fibromyalgia in a helpful and meaningful way, which is so important to a child’s understanding.

Celeste Cooper, RN

Author, patient/ advocate, and Health Central Chronic Pain Health Pro

#1 Terrific Book! I love the illustrations and the story line. Ravyn’s Doll helps children understand an invisible, chronic illness and gives them words to describe a complex situation when their loved one “looks so well” but is ill. Ravyn’s Doll should be on every library shelf to help adults and children talk about fibromyalgia and other invisible illnesses.

Jan Chambers 

President of the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

Melissa Swanson – the Author of Ravyn’s Doll, has found the words to create an incredible and informative book for kids. Most any child doesn’t understand an invisible illness such as Fibromyalgia. This amazing book has captured the true essence of the illness, in a way that a child can comprehend what a loved one is going through. Its written in a way, so as, a child will know why a loved one has to do things in a different manner – allowing them to understand, its OK to be ill and it’s OK to be different. This book also sets the tone for any child to learn the valuable lesson of respect and compassion, for anyone who is ill and/or needs a bit of extra care. There is no better gift we can pass on to our children. For anyone who has Fibromyalgia and has a small child, this is a must read for them.

Clarissa Shepherd

Author, Advocate, Support Group Leader

Ravyn’s Doll is a beautiful little book that explains fibromyalgia in terms even a very young child can understand. One of the things I love most about the story is its positive focus. Melissa has skillfully managed to describe the main symptoms of fibromyalgia while at the same time, demonstrating practical ways the child can help. Ravyn’s Doll is a “must-read” for every child who has a family member with fibromyalgia.

Karen Lee Richards

ProHealth Editor-in-Chief, Co-founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association

Hello dear Melissa. As I sit here in pain with my back and a fibro-flare, I read your book with tears in my eyes. Even making fibromyalgia simple expresses the pain but support and joy we all face when dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. The artist did such a colorful and beautiful job with the pictures sure to keep any kid involved. The language is simple yet profound. I wish you so much success with this beautiful little book.

Teri Lowe

Thank you for tackling such a difficult and emotional issue. As many of us with fibro know, it is challenging to explain this invisible intruder to others let alone small children. Thank you for providing an easy to use tool for families. Support and education are vital to managing this illness. I encourage schools to use this fun and beautifully illustrated book to teach disability awareness to young children.

Sharon Waldrop

Vice President of Education, NFMCPA

President & Founder, Fibromyalgia Association of Michigan

I got your book yesterday. I LOVE it! I think it is well written. I like the fact that it does not over load kids with to many medical things. All the examples are things most kids have dealt with in their lives. Kids will relate. Adults will relate. Doctors should have access to this book. I will bring my copy to my next doctor visit.

Thank you!!!

Sharon Engen

“Your book came in and I saw the box sitting on Gabe’s desk, so I read one. It totally made me cry! I have 3 boys in elementary school and people don’t realize how hard it is for kids to understand, let alone communicate fibro with others. This will really help equip them and give them compassion for others that are hurting even if they can’t see it. Thank you for your work!

Chrissy H

ProHealth, Inc.

Ravyn’s Doll is a wonderful little book that takes a very complex health condition and translates it into language even small children can easily understand. It is a must have book for families with children who have to deal with the daily challenges of living with fibromyalgia.

William A. Kriva, D.C