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Allodyniɑ is ɑ hypersensitive pɑinful response to stimuli thɑt would otherwise be non-pɑinful. It is thought to result from injury ɑnd reorgɑnizɑtion of pɑin receptors in the spinɑl cord. ɑllodyniɑ is exceptionɑlly difficult to treɑt, especiɑlly if it ɑffects lɑrge ɑreɑs of the body. For those who suffer from prolonged ɑllodyniɑ, treɑtment cɑn include ɑnti-seizure medicɑtions ɑnd nerve blocking ɑgents. Both clɑsses of medicɑtion reduce the ɑbility of nerves to trɑnsmit pɑin ɑnd prevent pɑin signɑls from reɑching the spine.

Allodyniɑ is one of Fibro’s evil sidekicks on my list. I usuɑlly describe it to people thɑt it feels like when you ɑre sunburned. Even the wind hurts. For me it is primɑrily my ɑrms to my hɑnds ɑnd my upper thighs. I do tɑke Gɑbɑpentin 3x ɑ dɑy ɑnd it offers me quite ɑ bit of relief.

A = Anxiety
So many of us are dealing with various anxiety conditions;

One of the supplements that’s most consistently recommended by doctors, researchers and patients is vitamin B, and especially vitamin B12.
A lack of sufficient B12 can lead to numbness or tingling in the arms and legs, balance problems, weakness and anemia. Research has found that a B complex vitamin can be beneficial in helping alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Vitamin B is comprised of nutrients that help support the immune system, the nervous system, and healthy skin and hair that are generally affected by stressful conditions.

B=BRAIN TEASERS;  It is undeniable that we experience memory issues beyond when we are in the “fog”.  It has been tested that brain teaser or games will help not just those of us with Fibro but as we age.


Chronic Headaches; Statistics show that about 76% of Fibromyalgia patients reported that they suffered from chronic headaches. These include: Tension Headaches, Migraines and Combination headaches.
Sleep disorders(Fatigue), low serotonin, TMJ, Low Magnesium and Stress/Anxiety are components to what can cause headaches and increase the frequency and severity of them.
Stress can lead to vascular contraction and muscle tightness contributing to both Migraine and Tension headaches.
Muscle spasms, myofascial pain and tender points in the neck, which are common symptoms of the syndrome, are also thought to trigger severe headaches in Fibromyalgia patients.

C = CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME This is my latest focus point of research. I am seriously afraid this will be my next Evil Sidekick to be diagnosed.  “According to Light et al. (2011) the incidence of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrom…e occurring together in the same patient varies depending on the diagnostic criteria used for each condition, however it generally ranges from as low as 21% to as high as 80% of all patients.”


Depression and Fibromyalgia often go hand in hand;

Dizziness in Fibromites is not uncommon.  Although, it isn’t clear what causes the dizziness and balance issues with Fibromyalgia there are a few possibilities.  Trigger points in the neck or jaw can cause a feeling of dizziness and imbalance. Neurally-mediated hypotension (i.e. vaso-vagal reflex)which is a drop in blood pressure and heart rate. Some common reasons for Neurally-mediated hypotension are: when in a warm place I.e. hot tubs, bathtub, sauna’s after exercise after an emotionally stressful event Standing from a prone position too quickly Bending Increased stress and medications (i.e. muscle relaxants, antidepressants, migraine medications) Some things to try to help decrease the dizziness and improve balance are; Squat rather then bend Tai Chi, Yoga, and dance Exercise Walking poles

We all feel that on most days the very last thing we want to do is exercise. However, it really is an important part in our fight against our daily struggles with Fibromyalgia.
It is necessary to continue to do activities that will help our range of motion, strength, balance and weight control. In addition, Endorphins and Serotonin are important in helping with reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. Try a low impact program, such as walking, stretching, swimming, yoga or tai chi.

E = Eating Healthy
Everyone finds something that their body can’t handle. I have found changing food and adding a probiotic has helped me.


Fibro Fog for me is the most difficult symptom for me to accept. It includes short term memory loss, trouble holding conversations, finding the “right” words, mixing up the letters & numbers, difficulty concentrating, focusing, speaking. Sleep disorders, chronic pain, depression & fatigue seem to lead to Fibro Fog.

F=Fever  — I have always ran a very low temperature and during “flares” feel like I am runnning such a high temp.. usually around 99 but burning up feeling.

“Although people with fibromyalgia often feel feverish, they normally have low temperatures under 98,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD “I consider anything over 98.6 to be a fever in fibromyalgia,” he continues.

Many fibromyalgia patients have successfully controlled their fibromyalgia symptoms and reduced pain by following a strict diet that eliminates gluten, a protein naturally occurring in many grains, including wheat, rye and barley.

Read more: Gluten Free Fibromyalgia Improvement Diet |


H = HAIR LOSS ~ I have noticed that I seem to be shedding. Everyday my clothing has strands of my hair. I researched this and found quite a few articles explaining it and that it is a common factor;


I = Irritable bowel syndrome another common symptom of fibromyalgia. This condition causes cramping, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and pain in the abdomen.

Read more:

J = Juvenile Fibromyalgia; those of us with children hope that they do not get Fibro and it’s evil sidekicks. I personally watch my Daughter when she says something hurts or having issues with that.. I make note and think I did at that age too but I was considered “too Sensitive” and “should toughen up”…


K = KNOTS; Acupressure and Acupuncture are the two things that have worked for me. In addition; I am on a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen 3 x a day; made the world of difference.


In my family history I have both Fibromyalgia and Lupus. My Rheumatologist, said altho at this time I do not have Lupus I have to be aware of the possibility.

M = Myofascial pain syndrome;
I am one of many Warriors that have both Fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome – The treatment that has been working for me is a prescription anti-inflammatory and ibuprofen. I have only had a chance to try myofascial release once but hope to try again.


N = NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflmmatory drug) ~ are available over the counter and by prescription to relieve inflammation and pain associated with fibromyalgia. Examples: Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Naproxen, Celebrex, Naproyn…

O = Osteopathy Medicine; This is all new to me so I have been enjoying researching it. “Osteopathy (known as OMM osteopathic manipulative medicine in the U.S.), stresses the connection between all organ systems of the body, specifically focusing on the Musculoskeletal System, and its function throughout the entire body to unify the circulatory, nervous, endocrine, immune, and musculoskeletal systems to function one cohesive unit.”


I have been dealing with severe pain starting in the gluets following the sciatic and going down to my foot.  I had this happen before and I went to the Doctor. It was my Piriformis and ended up getting an injection.  This time I am trying the TENS unit and some stretching.  How many of you have this same syndrome?



Many Fibromites experience RLS.




It is very important to us to research Fibromyalgia and it’s evil sidekicks. The more we understand it – the more we can figure out what works best for us.


V = VERTIGO Dizziness in the form of disequilibrium is not uncommon in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia. If no vertigo is present (vertigo in CFS is much less common and is where you feel like you or the room is spinning in a circle), the key likely causes are:
– Autonomic dysfunction – Increasing salt and water intake and adrenal support are important here (unless one has high blood pressure of heart failure) as would be proper chiropractic adjustment of the atlas area in the neck. – Intermittent drops in blood sugar from low adrenal. If this is the cause, dissolving 1/2-1 teaspoon of sugar under the tongue during an attack should eliminate the attack in under 2 minutes (and usually quicker). The sugar is not a long term solution (though sucking one tic tac during an attack is helpful) but simply tells you to treat for low adrenal issues. – Neck muscle spasm can trigger episodic dizziness. – Have a physician rule out heart problems (abnormal rhythms or valve issues, etc). – Spend a few days at a friend’s house and see if the problem resolves. If so, look into a condition called “sick building syndrome.”
In those with vertigo in CFS/FMS (much less common than dizziness), I am likely to presume an infection, such as Lyme, affecting the nerve to the ear and give a trial of long term antibiotics.


W = WEATHER (Whether it is hot or cold it affects you)


X = X it off the list.
How many years did it take for you to be diagnosed?
How many tests did you go through?
How many other illnesses did you ᙭ of the list?
There is no specific test to diagnose Fibromyalgia. Many of it’s symptoms mimic other neurological conditions. Not to mention the long list of evil sidekics making it harder to identify.


I have not tried Yoga – altho I know a lot of Warriors that it has really been a positive benefit for them.


Z = zzzzzzz’s   We all know that sleeping is a major problem with Fibromites.  So many can’t sleep and even if they do sleep they never feel rested.  I am happy that I have found the right mix to sleep – just never rested.


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  1. Very good post. I don’t like J though as my son does have it. No one likes to see their kids sick. I pray my daughter doesn’t have it too.


  2. Very good article. .you experience help me a lot to understand little bit more about fibromyalgia. Sometimes I feel lonely and doctors can’t explain very good and friends or family didn’t know what to do. .thank you. .

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